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March 2012 Newsletter

Congratulations!  Diana B. won the contest for February.  She won a free visit just for getting her payment in on time.  We will be doing it again this month, so PLEASE get your payment in on time and you too can be the lucky winner.

A special reminder to our customers with swimming pools.  If you do not have a protective gate around your pool please be aware of your pets while they are by the pool.  Some pets have no problem getting out if they should go in, but others, especially smaller breeds, may have a difficult time getting out.  There is a product called a Scamper Ramp that can be attached to the pool so that the dog can be trained to get out using the floating ramp.

Thank you for all the referrals.  They are very much appreciated.  Everyone can earn unlimited free visits just by referring us.  If you know of someone who could benefit by using our service just have them call us at 1-800 DOG POOP and we add them to our route.

Cat litter Box Service   You may not be aware that Yard Guards On Doody offers a cat litter box exchange service.  We will provide a clean litter box (es) filled with your preference of litter.  We remove the soiled box and clean and sanitize it, then rotate again on your next visit.  (We can’t take the used litter with us, but we can bag it and dispose it in your trash can.)   Please visit our website at for the price schedule.  We offer this service with or without dog waste removal service.